MAMONT RYE is the first single grain vodka from Altai that is manufactured out of 100% domestic rye malt spirit.
Rye Cereal is strikingly different from other raw materials that are used in vodka manufacturing. Distinction is in the balanced gentle taste, where the leading part is played by the soft notes of rye breadcrumbs, seasoned with the fresh aromatic spicery. This is why we have selected 100% rye spirit as the basis for MAMONT RYE.

Only a selection of the highest quality rye is used in production of this vodka, meanwhile water is passed through a rigorous filtering process. As a result, the drink turns out to have a pleasant and incredibly gentle taste. When manufacturing MAMONT RYE, we use wheat and coriander infusions that reveal tiny notes of newly baked rye bread, which add unique olfactory properties to the drink.
MAMONT RYE is created in Altai.
All MAMONT RYE ingredients are harvested in Altai, which is an ecologically pristine region located far away from any big cities or highways. Altai is a natural treasure of the planet. This is a fertile region with an auspicious climate, purest air, soft water, and boundless open space. Every little thing that is born from this fertile soil praises the force and the greatness of nature.
MAMONT RYE embodies both 150 years of tradition and the modern technologies.
The Itkul distillery, where all MAMONT RYE ingredients first meet each other, is an up-to-date enterprise with a century and a half of history. To date, it is the only Altai distillery that has all the necessary assets to ensure the full cycle of the beverage creation.

Here, at the Itkul Distillery, MAMONT RYE is bottled in uncommonly shaped bottles, replicating the tusk of a mammoth with its laconic rye ear design.
MAMONT RYE is the super-premium vodka that is created in full conformity with all MAMONT traditions and high standards.
MAMONT RYE is the first vodka in the MAMONT family, that is created on the basis of a single grain variety. Inimitable taste of the 100% rye spirit makes it truly unique.