Every year the MAMONT supports the standout significant cultural and society events.
SNOB anniversary award "MADE IN RUSSIA"
With the Mamont’s support, the Snob magazine’s anniversary “Made in Russia“ award was held in 2021.
For the tenth time the editors, the members of the club and the Snob magazine readers selected the projects that expanded the conception of the Russian lifestyle and the inspiring Russian trendsetters.
Charity gala dinner at the Swiss Castle
On June 13th, 2019 a charity gala dinner “The Mysterious Garden” was held at the Koppe Castle in the Swiss Vaud canton, on the shores of the Geneva Lake.
This dinner was organized by Frederik Paulsen and Olga Litvinyuk, the trustees of the Naked Heart Foundation. This magical dinner became an event of the year, bringing together the best representatives of the Swiss society.

Thanks to the generous support of the guests of this evening, 900,000 euros were collected. The funds collected at the charity event were later used to support the children with special needs and their families.
The Danilovsky Market and the MAMONT Vodka celebrated the unveiling of the photo exhibition “Whale Songs” dedicated to the #MamontCup2017 marine expedition to the Shantar Islands in August 2017.
Guests of the event got themselves acquainted with the extraordinary beauty of the inaccessible corners of the country, and dived into the marine expedition atmosphere thanks to the chef Egor Anisimov (Zuma, Vladivostok city) and his memorable gastronomic set of crabs, delivered the on previous day from the Far East.

The creative and adventurous mood of the evening was created with the MAMONT vodka cocktails.