Visit Mamont Camp glamping in the Altai Mountains
The Mamont Сamp exists since 2018 in a private format. The Mamont Camp visited the Kola Peninsula (the Rybachy Peninsula), the Karelia region (the Louhiyarvi Lake), and last year has settled itself in the Altai region. Starting in the 2021 season, the Mamont Camp is open to all demanding connoisseurs of comfort and wildlife.
Trekking accompanied by the professional guides is a rare opportunity to see the untouched taiga (boreal coniferous forest) of the Altai Mountains, where you will definitely meet no other tourists or traces of their presence. Challenging jeep tracks, trekking, water-jet boats — all of this is a part of a unique adventure experience at the Mamont Camp together with the Mamont vodka.
The flagship project of the Mamont Camp and the Mamont vodka is an example of the fine expedition cuisine. For several years we have been creating the unique gastronomic solutions with the best Russian chefs and restaurateurs.
Perhaps it`s the most ancient form of human communication, which is beyond our reach in cities. To spend the night surrounded by the loved ones, by an open fire under the quiet murmur of a mountain river, at a specially equipped comfortable campfire somewhere in the heart of taiga mountains — it`s an amazing, memorable experience.