The Itkul is the only distillery in Siberia where all the stages of vodka production — from the grain sprouting and alcohol production to the bottling of vodka — happen at the same place.

It is the only producer of natural malt alcohol in the Altai region.
1 Grain
The standard process of the vodka production is not supposed to include the stage of the alcohol production itself. Usually the companies use some readily-available ferment spirit from the food-grade grain and do not supervise the process of the alcohol production in any way.

The Itkul distillery is unique in this instance, because it produces at the same location both the malt spirit itself and the final vodka product.
10−12 days

It is the sprouted grain (malt) that contains so many active natural enzymes which begin the fermentation process under the influence of yeast. In order to produce the MAMONT vodka, the mixed barley and millet malt is used.
Natural fermentation

Fermentation time: 68h — 72h.

There are 3 stages of fermentation: the attenuation, the main fermentation and the afterfermentation.

The temperature in the fermentation tank is thoroughly adjusted depending on the fermentation stage.

The brew contains 7-9% of alcohol.
4 Distillation
The rectification

The alcohol production is a continuous process:

  • The brew rectification technology of the alcohol purification;
  • The purification process includes 6 rectifying columns;
  • The alcohols with the impurity content lower than prescribed by the State Standard ("GOST")
  • The alcohol's rest time of 7 days.
5 Water admixture
The Altay region's organic water from the artesian wells located in the Itkul territory. The birch wood charcoal is used for the filtering of the aqueous-alcoholic mixture.
6 Blending
The period of vodka's rest in the holding vats lasts for 6 days.

One day prior to the bottling the flavoured pine nut alcohol is added to the blend.
7 Bottling
At this stage the bottling is occuring.

Mamont vodka is finally ready — product with exceptional quality and packaging.