MAMONT IVORY is a mild organic vodka created in the Altai region from malt alcohol and natural local ingredients.
The word IVORY literally means «the tusk of an elephant». It reflects the excellency of the beverage - a mild taste, a pleasantly dry aftertaste and a subtle enveloping aroma.

For us IVORY is a metaphor that embodies the fortitude, nobility, exclusivity and the rare human qualities which are so difficult to make out in the hustle and bustle of a large city.
Key features
MAMONT IVORY is based on 100% organic malt alcohol made from a blend of wheat, barley and millet.
Ingredients: Alcoholic infusions of pine, birch, pine nut and pine needles
Color: Transparent, crystal clear
Aroma: Delicate spruce aroma
Taste: Full-bodied pure taste and bread-malt aftertaste