When you travel in the Karelia region, the time seems to stand still here – the present and the past have merged together. This feeling is further enhanced when you see the stark beauty of the northern nature, its boundless lakes and full-flowing rivers, giant coniferous forests, rocks and knolls, bright summer nights, the berry-strewn tundra and the crystal dark blue color of the Onega Lake.
The MAMONT BLOOD infusion is born at an ecologically clean place with unique microclimate and untouched nature - in the Karelia region. For several millennia our ancestors walked this land, explored the territory, gave birth to children, foraged for food and kept the fire burning. They breathed this air, hunted, ate berries, prepared the herbal infusions. By creating MAMONT BLOOD, we invite you to remember who we are and where did we come from. After all, we share the same blood with our ancestors.
It is the Petrovsky plant that has the complete expertise, experience and know-how necessary to create the MAMONT BLOOD. The Petrovsky distillery is one of the oldest Russian vodka manufacturers. Its works have been launched in 1897. The different types of vodka have been produced here for more than 120 years, and the liqueurs and infusions – for over 80 years.
All infusions and berry fruit waters are produced directly at the workshops of the Petrovsky distillery. The water is prepared by the unique technology using the Karelian schungite mineral. This unique natural adsorbent provides the gentle purification, refines and “revitalizes” the water, restores its crystal lattice and forms the structure of the crystal clear glacier thawed water.
Key features
Ingredients: 30 Karelian herbs and berries, such as cinnamon, licorice root, silverweed, anisetree, ginger etc.
Color: Deep, rich, maroon, almost ruby color
Aroma: Wild berries and herbs
Taste: Full-bodied balanced taste with hints of sweet-scented herbs and berries