FOUNDATION MAMONT was founded by Frederik Paulsen, an honorary polar researcher, a member of the famous “Arctic-2007” Russian scientific research expedition to the North Pole. By the late 2012, Frederick became the first person in the world to visit all eight magnetic poles.
Since 2013, FOUNDATION MAMONT has been involved in the development of the polar regions of our planet, sponsors the oceanic research and studies the climate change, as well as popularizes the knowledge and research in polar regions, which are so important for our planet.

Through its polar expeditions, the Foundation aims to share the amazing discoveries made in these regions, in order to show their importance for the climate system of our planet.
Legendary travelers and scientists
There are many true legends on the Foundation's team. For them, the extreme experience, adventure and the search for something new is a lifestyle: the polar explorer David Hempleman-Adams, the ocean scientist and the president of the State Polar Academy Artur Chilingarov, the honorary polar explorer, the director of the EXPLORERS CLUB — businessman, philanthropist and traveler — Frederick Paulsen, as well as a number of other outstanding individuals and bright scientists who strengthen our Foundation